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Our kits for firescreens and cushions contain the thread, material and instructions to enable the design shown to be stitched.  They are therefore just like a conventional cross stitch kit.

The cushion kits do not contain the cushion back or the cushion stuffing.  The firescreen kits do not include the frame etc for the freestanding firescreen.

Although the designs were produced with cushions or firescreens in mind, they can be stitched to be used as a cross stitch picture and framed in the usual way.

If you are interested in stitching one of our firescreen designs to use as a firescreen it is worth noting that the problem of find an empty screen for the needlecraft is not as difficult as it might seem.  A frame maker can produce a firescreen by adding ‘furniture’ to a conventional frame, the ‘furniture’ being the feet for the bottom of the frame and a handle for the top.  So you can choose a suitable moulding for the frame of your screen and have the feet and handle added.

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